Dr. K.K. Sulaiman
Birth 01/06/1968
BAMS kottakkal Ayurveda College, 1996
He had been participated in so many seminars and conducted that much medical camps throughout.
A Better Ayurvedic Care in affordable cost.

For Dr. Sulaiman, Ayurveda was a melted content in his heart from childhood itself. When a family member got sick, they consulted the benefits of Ayurveda only. His father was very enthusiastic about Ayurveda. Behind the decision to teach his son Sanskrit was also because of the interest to make him an Ayurvedic doctor. Whatever it was, his son followed the only way somewhat his father wished for. Because of that, now Dr. Sulaiman became the owner of the well-known S.M Ayurvedic Hospital situated in Wandoor. He completed his studies in Ayurveda from kottakkal Ayurveda College and after that worked in a clinic at Uppada for a year later. He started SM Ayurveda clinic in Wandoor. Gradually number of patients reached by hearing about his gifted hands had been increased. By 2000 the clinic grown up to a well-settled hospital. The count of visitors is increasing day by day by his popularity among the patients.

Dr. Sulaiman is very careful in maintaining the ingenuinity of Ayurveda in his treatments. He always has the answer to the importance of Ayurveda in this modern age that is rooted in ancient insights. Ayurveda always could provide the best medical treatment for so many diseases that is derived by new generation lifestyle. It is in huge that the number of the young people who are struggling with backpain and injuries to back born.Long time work with computer, travel in two wheelers are the major reason for back born injuries. Most of the time it is possible to provide effective treatment without surgery to the patients who are suggested for it.

Doctor certifying that more and more people enquiring Ayurveda now a days than of the time he started his medical career. Today people are educated about health. And these are become the reasons behind the vast appeal for Ayurveda, that is cost and side effect are lesser than other medical streams. But more than that the acceptance to the ideology of Ayurveda about the complete health care is greater.

Along with the treatment, the organized life style & Yoga exercises suggested by Ayurveda are impressively inspiring the younger generation that to prevent diseases. “Meanwhile the numbers of patients are increasing in fact” Dr. Sulaiman says. He concluding that the wrong life habits escorted to modern life style is the reason behind this. Fast food culture and daily routines without exercise are obviously leads to several hard diseases.Diabetes, cholesterol, BP, are its byproducts. Main reason in back stage is that fast food trend, which uses sugar, salt, oil & cholesterol in a unhealthy proportion. Ignoring exercise is also complicating the situations. Diabetes leads to kidney problems. The major reason for increase in kidney patients is diabetes. Dr. Sulaiman point outs, Ayurveda can prevent this dangerous states that are generated by wrong life style. This creates the essential role for Ayurveda in modern world. Ayurveda strongly recommends the life habits and life style for day & seasons. Which are the methods and changes to be followed in day-to-day life and in changing seasons.

Exercise, healthy & timely food, good sleep are basic recommendations in Ayurveda. Absences of these factors are creating patients today. Whatever busy schedules are there, to keep conscious attention on these it is very important to resist diseases.

Doctor has the opinion to give more concentration in Ayurvedic researches along with the belief of value of ayurvedha to outlast with time. Ayurveda should capable of being hold suggestive measures for new generation disease. Most of the people identify the demerit of Ayurveda as lack of researches. New generation is very conscious about this. Now vast studies & researches are conducted in this area. Ayurveda medical association of India takes appreciable efforts in this stream in which Dr. Sulaiman is also a part. They formed a special research foundation. As the part of the organizations Ayurcare program the doctors are being trained under for diseases like cancer.

He opinioned that doctors should also be taken effort in documentation of treatment for the diseases. Even though Ayurvedic treatment can be effective for new diseases, improper documentation causes hindrances to provide evidence in recognized platforms. It is simply saying the urgency to establish real professional approach in ayurvedhic medical field. Dr. Sulaiman gives extra heed for that. He took leadership for including modern medical equipments and technical excellence in his treatment system. He utilizes latest technologies like MRI; Ultra sound scans and then brings his treatment more successful.

In between busy profess sional life, doctor takes active participation in social and cultural programs also. He is the regional secretary for Malappuram, Thrissur, Palakkad for Ayurveda Medical Association now and was former district level secretary of that earlier.

He is one of the direct board members of Asraya special school, which is formed for patients affected by Down syndrome. As well as,he is the Managing committee joint secretary of Wandoor Jamiya-Vahabiya Arabic college. Lots of Ayurvedic medical camps and free medical treatments are conducting in the headship of doctor. Now he is focused on the working grounds of a new hospital to facilitate extensive medical care from him. He is focused on extension of S.M Ayurveda hospital to make it a center with substantial provisions of medical care.